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Ordered a whole bunch of parts from Summit Racing today. I am on vacation and my vehicle broke down.

I understand that that things happen and we try to fix them and move on. I have TCI parts in the truck but summit racing distributes the parts. I ordered the parts today which is Friday and they guaranteed that I would have the parts by Sunday. This is after it took over 1.5 hours to order the parts when I had the parts numbers.

Their computers were not working properly so I had them on one phone line and the builder of the truck on another phone. The builder of the truck was on the phone with me and on the phone with TCI on another phone. A hour and a half hour we got the parts ordered and they guaranteed I would have the parts on Sunday. It took so long to order the parts that I missed the deadline for over night shipping.

I even ordered twice the parts I need since they do not sell the parts separately but as part of a kit only. I was fine with this as I am broken down and just need them. I ordered the parts and then talked to the shop that is repairing the truck. They work Saturday but shut down on Monday instead.

With an agreement ($) he agreed to work on Monday. I was feeling great at this point. Got back to my hotel room and read my emails. Summit Racing had listed my home address as the shipping address.

They had the correct shipping address and the credit card payment had already gone through. They stopped shipping. I phoned them back and talked to a sales supervisor. He said that he was the highest authority figure I can talk to.

I explained my situation and asked if we could over night ship the parts. He said that no company in the United states shipped overnight on the weekends. I told him about paying a shop to open an extra day for me and he said there was nothing the company would do and that is not how they work. He corrected the information and said I would have to wait until Monday for the confirmation department to get back to me and then they will ship the parts.

He told me he has been doing this for years and this is how it works. He was not willing to make any concessions to help me out even though he admitted his company made a mistake. Please feel free to phone summit racing at 1 800 230 3030. The gentleman I talked to is Dakota and his extension is 6452.

He was no help but did admit they made a big mistake. Please feel free to phone him and let him know of his bad customer service.

Please tell all your friends. Please make this go viral as I am now stuck in Bartlette Tenessee waiting for Monday to get a confirmation to ship the parts which will be Monday at the earliest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auto Part.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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